Tk from IDLE: How to 'Hello World'?

Jesse W jessw at
Sat Sep 30 03:09:42 CEST 2000

I do not post to this group offen, but I thought I should share my
story about this problem.
	I was also a newbie stung by Tkinter and IDLE problems.  I kept puting
root.mainloop() at the end of my programs, and IDLE kept breaking. 
Finally after an enomous ammount of Net groveling,  I found the hint. 
DONT USE MAINLOOP!  You don't need it.  Ever.(At least as far as I have
seen)  Tkinter programs run fine in IDLE and in straight Python.  I
don't know why this very useful fact is not mentioned in any of the
docs.  It is very strange.

						Jesse Weinstein

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