What is Python?

Quinn Dunkan quinn at seniti.ugcs.caltech.edu
Mon Sep 18 01:24:56 CEST 2000

On Sat, 16 Sep 2000 01:26:42 GMT, Tim Hammerquist <tim at degree.ath.cx> wrote:
>And actually, the prevailing author among clpm right now is HP
>Lovecraft.  Someone called another person a Perlish Nyarlathotep...and
>some poor guy thought it was rot13; he was promptly, firmly, and
>copiously corrected.  =)

Yeah, I guess Lovecraft works.

perl shares at least two similar concepts:
Things that so twisted and evil that the mere sight of them can drive any
mortal insane, and names that mean disaster when you call them.

Fortunately, you've left that madness behind, and entered the clean, happy,
and safe python world of transvestite lumberjacks and singing vikings.

And if you don't convert pretty darn quick, you may just have a midnight visit
from the PSU.  You'll change your tune real fast after a few minutes in the
Comfy Chair.

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