Pete Shinners pete at
Thu Sep 7 03:34:37 CEST 2000

"Brendhan Horne" <brendhan at> wrote
> I am really new to this. I have never worked with any computer language
> before. I have downloaded Python 1.6 for Windows. I have downloaded the
> tutorial which for me is a bit dry and a tad difficult to understand. So
> I go to unzip this what should I expect?  What are some good beginning
> exercises to start with on this? Please understand that I have not written
> anything in a computer language before and have no idea what kind of
> prompts are with this, hell I wouldn't even be sure of when to press the
> enter key.

well, i think you've picked the right language to start with.
there are more than one tutorials out there, so find one that
suits your tastes.
i would recommend waiting until you have a decent grasp with
python in general before starting any GUI stuff with Tkinter
and relatives.

Instant Hacking

Non-Programmers Tutorial For Python

There are many other intros and tutorials to find at and i've seen plenty
others out there.

Good luck. You'll find this newsgroup a friendly place to
pick things up. You may try looking at examples of python
that do the sort of things you're interested in. it may be
way too much to get into, but then you can go back and
do the tutorials knowing what the 'finished product' will
look like.

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