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Sat Sep 2 21:05:05 CEST 2000

Kevin Russell wrote:

> But there's still an element of picking-on-the-little-guy here.

Probably not.  They almost certainly would have behaved the same way
with a sizeable company that was behaving the same way.  In fact, one
could argue that they would be far more aggressive about such a case,
because that would present a greater threat than an amateur project.

> "LinkBot" comes awfully close to a generic term.  Both "link" and
> "bot" are established terms in the field.

But they didn't trademark the words _link_ and _bot_ separately, they
trademarked the word _LinkBot_.  That is a totally legitimate trademark,
although you might not agree with it.  When trademarking names, it
matters who gets there first.

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