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Wed Sep 13 09:04:39 CEST 2000

Alex wrote:
> >>>>> "G" == Grant Griffin <g2 at> writes:
>     G> From a practical point of view, I doubt anyone would want to
>     G> fully re-implement Python purely for this reason, given that it
>     G> is already free/open, and the worst thing that can be said about
>     G> its license is that too many lawyers spoiled its legal broth.
> Well, it's been reimplemented twice before, and I had the impression
> that at least one of those implementations was written almost
> single-handedly.
> Not that I'm volunteering, but it's not so far-fetched that this could
> happen.
> Write-one-to-feed-to-the-lawyers'ly yrs

<hehe> -- Good point.  (I've just been reading "The Mythical Man-Month",
so that one really hits home.)

But are you _sure_ that anyone has writtten Python almost

It depends on what you mean by "Python".  Perhaps you're thinking of the
"core", but by "Python", I mean the entire thing: all C source, all
Python libraries, all documents, all miscellany.  After all, if the goal
of a public-domain reimplementation is to defeat the existing license,
the existing license applies to virtually all of that stuff.

   -handed-ly y'rs,


> Speak softly but carry a big carrot.

Speak softly but carry a big megaphone.

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