Python-list digest, Vol 1 #3504 - 13 msgs

Bob Alexander balexander at
Mon Sep 18 19:56:14 CEST 2000

Aahz Maruch wrote:

> >Well, we don't really "need" +=, since it doesn't enable anything we
> >couldn't do before. It's only a convenience.
> Come, now, don't be absurd.  I could just as easily claim that Python
> doesn't enable anything we couldn't do before with assembley.

If you think the fact that


can also be expressed as

	lst += [33]

compares to the difference between Python and assembly language, then
either you don't like Python very much or you love assembly  :-)

Don't get me wrong -- I very much like the idea of augmented assignment.
I'm just taking issue with it's use in the "list1 += list2" context (and
the like), where it's neither assignment nor concatenation. Seems to me
like an improper action for +=, much like overloading + to mean


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