Python GUI button placer?

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> It is my understanding that SpecTcl is a dead project and Visual Tcl does
> not spit out Python code. So for Tkinter there really is not a ui builder.
> Which is a shame. Maybe Visual Tcl will support Python in the future.
> I do not know enough about Python at this point but I think a basic ui
> builder based on Python/Tkinter/Pmw would be a very good thing.
> Robert
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I am about to release a simple-yet-complicated GUI builder which I have in
the final (first) stages of bug-elimination. It is a mini-language
interpreter written in Python (completely) using Tkinter, which means that
it is kinda slow (although not bad)- but it makes protyping GUIs very simple
and can be used to create fairly sophisticated GUIs for long-term use.

I got fed up with writing 1000 lines o' code every time I wanted to make a
largish dialog (even with using dialog classes etc.)- it'll handle menus,
buttons, radio buttons, scale sliders, file selection, and several other
things. It is definitely nice to have a good grip on Tkinter before using
it- although not necessary for simple constructions.

Anyway, thought readers of this thread might want to be on the lookout-
it'll be called tkCoLa and I'll put something through PyAnnounce in a week
or so.


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