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Fri Sep 29 18:05:45 CEST 2000

fpm at (Frank Miles) writes:

There are two problems that I know of that plague wxPython on Windows
95. One is a lack of Winsock 2.0, the other is an out of data
msvcrt.dll. Try searching the wxpython archives for winsock and/or
msvcrt for more info.


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> Sreekant Kodela  <skodela at> wrote:
> >Hi there
> >I nearly finished quite an involved program in python and wxpython. I
> >developed it on linux. Then copied it to windows partition and did
> >unix2dos before that. Checked all the source files. It fails.
> >
> >Then I tried using python shell. Py1.5.2 and Py1.6 both with relevant
> >versions of wxPython compiled against them. I tried "from wxPython.wx
> >import *" and windows says "This program pythonw.exe has performed an
> >illegal operation and will be closed" blah blah.
> >
> >It is a dual cel 433 Abit BP6 Windows95. I really need it to run on
> >windows as all my users are on windows.
> >
> >Anyoone had similar problems!
> I second the suggestion regarding trying the demo in Win95.
> unix2dos is, as others have suggested, completely unnecessary.
> Recently I tried doing a similar thing, developing on Linux for users
> running Windows.  All was fine for a Win98 machine that I did the
> first compatibility test.  When I tried running it on Win95, things
> were seriously broken.  Can you try this on a Win98 machine?
> If you discover how to make wx/Python (of whatever version -- I tried
> several) work in Win95 -- I for one would like to know how.  I took
> the path of least resistance, and upgraded the user to Win98.  Fortunately
> they already had an unused license, so it didn't cost any more than 
> the time to upgrade the OS.
> Good luck!
> 	-frank
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