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>And to the rest of you snickerers, there's this scripting language out
>there, starts with P, where the culture _invites_ attempts to do the same
>thing in as many different ways as possible. This somehow relates to that
>language's author's belief that programmers should be, among other things,
>"lazy", but I'm not as clear on the details of this particular author's
>"hubris" as I am on all the ways to do the same things differently in that
>language. Forgive me for thinking _this_ P language's culture might have
>borne the same ideals without further prose needed on my part.

Quite the contrary.  TMTOWTDI belongs to that other P language; this
language has the philosophy of, "There should be one -- and preferably
only one -- obvious way to accomplish each task."  This comes directly
(though possibly not character-for-character accurately) from our
Benevolent Dictator For Life and creator of Python, Guido van Rossum
(i.e. the equivalent to Larry Wall).
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