Python-dev summary: August 16-31

Carel Fellinger cfelling at
Mon Sep 4 20:28:57 CEST 2000

A.M. Kuchling <amk1 at> wrote:
> Python-dev summary, August 16-31, 2000  
> ======================================

Great this summary thing!

> Python 2.0 progress
> Thomas also spearheaded a patch for renaming objects on import that
> quickly went through a few versions, and was checked in.  The patch
> adds 'import name1 as name2' and 'from module import name1 as name2'
> as legal Python syntax.

I'm stunned, I'm gabberflasted, I'm a Bonehead.

Here we have a new keyword that isn't a keyword, that might as wel be
used for that hidius print hack, but in that context it was deemed
impossible. So what am I missing? (or are we being fooled:)

To me

>>> print as some_file, whatever

looks much better then

>>> print >> some_file, whatever

So why was it rejected?
Because it stand out less?
groetjes, carel

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