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Fred Pacquier fredp at
Tue Sep 19 17:20:05 CEST 2000

cnsg at (Jeff) said :

>Hello, I am currently working in sales and marketing for the below
>mentioned company, and our senior project manager thought it would be a
>good idea for me to learn some programming in order to better
>understand computer software and operating systems, etc.  I learned
>some of a student programming language years ago, but when it comes to
>more professional packages, I don't know what their file names mean
>even on what to download.  The senior project manager here has been
>reading good things about python and stated I should download that on a
>windows platform.  Further, I use a dial up modem at home, and a 21 meg
>file is a bit much for me.  Can anyone give me a bit of a background on
>what I need to download and what tutorials are available to me on the
>web?  Also, should I use cpython or jpython?  Any replys would be

That's a good idea, but 21 Megs ? What of ?
Look at :
The core Windows package is only 5 Megs, plus 1.5 more if you want the HTML 
documentation on your disk. All the tutorials you need are there. Enjoy !


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