Compiling Python 1.6 under MacOS X ...

Dan Wolfe dkwolfe at
Sun Sep 24 22:14:11 CEST 2000


I'm working my way thru compiling Python 1.5.2 and 2.0 CVS versions on
Mac OS X Beta.

The current TOT in CVS has the some of the fixes that I've discovered...
and yes as Fredrik mentions the @EXE@ is one of them you'll need to use
the '--with-suffix=.exe' as part of the configuration.  See bug #115057.

When I finish the final bug or two, I'll post the instructions.


Fredrik Lundh <effbot at> wrote:

> Johann wrote: > Ah, but windows executables get ".exe" appended to them,
> while the > unixy mac ones don't, so the executable conflicts with the
> diretory.
> Note that the Python 2.0 makefile contains the following two lines:
>     # Executable suffix (.exe on Windows and Mac OS X) EXE=  @EXE@
> I don't have an OS X box myself, and I cannot figure out if anyone (i.e.
> configure) is actually setting the EXE variable on OS X.
> But if it doesn't, this seem to imply that you're supposed to use the
> --with-suffix option to configure...

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