Public Domain Python

Tim Peters tim_one at
Thu Sep 14 06:44:45 CEST 2000

[Grant Griffin]
> ...
> But are you _sure_ that anyone has writtten Python almost
> single-handedly?...
> It depends on what you mean by "Python".  Perhaps you're thinking of the
> "core", but by "Python", I mean the entire thing: all C source, all
> Python libraries, all documents, all miscellany.  After all, if the goal
> of a public-domain reimplementation is to defeat the existing license,
> the existing license applies to virtually all of that stuff.
> and-not-even-guido-and-tim-peters-could-create-all-that-single
>    -handed-ly y'rs,

Sssh!  Fact is, Guido wrote the whole damn thing over a Christmas break in
1990.  He's just been releasing the finished pieces a bit at a time ever
since, in one of those typically perfidious Dutch scams to get a paycheck
without working.  As his "Tim" persona, I have to admit, though, that the
effort of making it *look* like Python required the contributions of several
dozens of people over this whole time may have been harder than actually
just doing the work!

oops!-gotta-go-put-my-finger-back-in-the-license-dike-ly y'rs  - tim

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