Installing 1.6 on AIX

Mike 'Cat' Perkonigg blablu at
Fri Sep 8 11:38:37 CEST 2000

sdm7g at (Steven D. Majewski) wrote in 
<Pine.A32.3.90.1000907180720.12156D at>:

>I don't know, but I get "yes" when I do it, but I'm using 
>./configure --with-threads --without-gcc  
>so I'm using the AIX xlc compiler instead of gcc. 
>( If I remember correctly why I'm doing this, I think it's 
>  because gcc complains about missing whitespace in some of 
>  the AIX headers included with --with-threads. But I could
>  be misremembering this. ) 

I was told that it isn't possible to compile Python 1.5.2 with GCC (better 
It compiled fine with XLC.
Maybe it's the same problem with 1.6?


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