Problems with Piddle plotting package, Help.

Louis M. Pecora pecora at
Tue Sep 19 13:25:53 CEST 2000

In article <mtya0pczxn.fsf at>, Johann Hibschman
<johann at> wrote:

> Louis M Pecora writes:
> > Has anyone had any experience with the plotting package Piddle?  Almost
> > got Piddle to work on my Macintosh G3 running system 8.6, but have some
> > problems. 
> Alas, I can't help you.  I tried to get it working myself, but it
> kept crashing while trying to modify a font which it thought was
> unmodifiable.  I've yet to find a way around that one.

Something about .drawsting method it doesn't like .  Commenting out
that line made the tests run fine.  My version actually raises the
exception *itself* when using .drawstring and a different Font or color
is called for.  Not sure why your crashes.

Piddle looks very good, but these little gotchas give me pause.  Anyone
else have any luck with Piddle on a Mac?

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