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Steve Holden sholden at holdenweb.com
Mon Sep 25 22:13:48 CEST 2000

Charles Medcoff wrote:
> > Why do you say this won't work on Windows NT?
> >
> > It shouldn't be difficult to subclass CGIHTTPServer to run Python
> scripts
> > when requests for them are received.  I seem to remember running it
> on both
> > W98 and NT platforms without undue trouble, so surely the only
> problem is
> > ensuring your Python scripts actually get run in a Python environment.
> According to the Python documentation, CGIHTTPServer uses os.fork() and
> os.exec() which are available only on Unix.  I confess that I haven't
> actually tried it yet. I guess I should.  Is the documentation
> incorrect?
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Sounds like I'm mistaken :-(  Looks like code would be needed to detect
the environment and use spawn() in Windows.  Sorry.

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