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Sat Sep 2 21:57:17 CEST 2000

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>François Granger wrote:
>> Grant Griffin <g2 at> wrote:
>> > (BTW, I
>> > never figured out why bright guys like that can't understand that
>> > newbies don't know how to "grep a FAQ" <<gesundheit!>>)
>> BTW, I don't have anything called "grep" on my Macintosh. And I have
>> both Python and Perl installed ;-)
>Don't worry, it's just a silly Unix thing. ;-)  You Mac folks probably
>either don't need it, or else maybe you've got something that does about
>the same thing, but's a whole lot easier to use.

In MacOS 9, the OS provides "Sherlock", which can search file names, 
file contents, and use internet search engines.  

To do unix-style "regular expression" searching, use the "Search" or 
"Find" menu items in applications like BBEdit, TexEdit, the CodeWarrior 
IDE, or the 'find' (IIRC) command MPW Shell (which has a rather 
different syntax).



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