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> > Couple-o-things
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> > 1) Isn't there another Python Server Pages project out there, one
> >    that uses JPython?
> yes...the webware distribution also has a PSP implementation, as does
> mod_snake project...there are also a number of home-grown PSP
> implementations floating around...

Why not just use the PSP in Webware, possibly enhancing it as you see
fit (since it's open source)?

Some of the things you allude to for future versions have already been
done and well tested in Webware...

* Integration with fastcgi (and mod_python).

* Fully hosted on SourceForge.

* You can run our app server as a real server, or in CGI mode. Whatever
floats your boat.

* Our PSP already supports multiple syntaxes, so adding new ones
presumably wouldn't be impossible (assuming one of the current choices
didn't fit your prefs).


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