Thomas Weholt thomas at
Mon Sep 25 01:39:51 CEST 2000

I too have had problems with the xml-stuff, but on windows I've found
that has packages that works for windows, just unzip
into python-dir and go, and rpm-packages for RPM-based Linux-distros.
Other than that, I've had no luck. Hopefully, it'll be fixed soon and
streamlined using distutils etc. 

David wrote:
> Is there any reason the XML sig has chosen to make it so f****g difficult
> to install the XML package?
> I go look through the sig archives, and I see dozens of people asking how
> to install the package, and *no answers* to those people.  I go crawling
> through the website looking for a FAQ or How-To, and *no answers*.  I
> download the package and the instructions are inadequate and apparently
> incorrect.
> Is this some sort of special old-boys club, where only the 3l33T H4X0R
> D00DZ get to play?
> Are y'all aware that the XML How-To doesn't jive, in the least little bit,
> with the XML package included with Python 2.0b?  That the Python 2.0b XML
> documentation is utterly useless?  That the modules themselves contain no
> useful commentary?
> Maybe I've been spoiled.  I've become pretty used to plug-n-play Python
> packages.  wxWindows is a great example: download the appropriate install,
> double-click and shazam!, I've got a decent demo, good documentation,
> plenty of examples.  No dinking around with setup, no need to blow several
> hundred dollars on a C++ compiler that I don't want, no shouting into the
> void that is the sig mailing list.
> It's become extremely frustrating and deeply frustrating, and judging by
> the posts in the archives, I'm not alone.
> Why?  Why is the XML group making it so damn difficult?

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