Problem whit float precision, 1.6 Windows 98

Robin Becker robin at
Wed Sep 13 14:39:29 CEST 2000

In article <slrn8rur4i.to7.scarblac-spamtrap at>,
Remco Gerlich <scarblac-spamtrap at> writes
>If you need a precision of, say, 1/10th of a cent, just multiply the
>amount by 1000 and use integers. Integers are exact.
you better use long integers if you want to do real world dollar calcs
as you'll only be able to calc up to $2.14M with 32bit ints and .1cent
accuracy. On the other hand floats can hold integers that are a good bit 
in my win32 python
>>> a=2.0**52
>>> (a+1) - a
>>> a

so you should be able to do 1/10 cent accurate calcs with floats up to
around 1000 trillion dollars. This won't give you total freedom from
precision errors. If you want 1/3 etc you'll need rationals.
Robin Becker

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