MatPy-0.3.1 released

Huaiyu Zhu hzhu at
Mon Sep 18 09:43:57 CEST 2000

                  MatPy 0.3.1 is released
            Huaiyu Zhu <hzhu at>
                GNU Public License, version 2

What is it?
   MatPy is a python package that provides MatLab-like interface for linear
   algebra and plotting wrapped around the Numeric, Gnuplot and SpecialFuncs
   packages.  The expressions involving matrices and vectors resemble
   written mathematics.

Where to get it?

What is new?

Version 0.3.1 has several enhancements and bug fixes.

* The plotting interface has several enhancements:
  - Automatic and manual setting of axes.  
  - Placing of text on graph.
  - adds holdon and holdoff for several plot commands working on one figure.
  - scaled histogram.
  - has a self test demonstrating line and symbol choices.  (Please
    let me know your opinion on the syntax.)

  See also tests/ for application examples.

* A patch from Greg Lielens against Python 2.0b1 for ~op style operators
  allows the use of ~+ for elementwise add, etc.  See Misc/index.html for
  details, and Misc/ and Misc/ for examples.

  The augmented assignment operator names are changed to correspond to the
  official name in Python 2.0b1

* A module DynSys/ is added that implements a version of Kalman
  filter for linear systems.  See tests/ for examples.

* There are several major bug fixes:
  - MatPy.Stats.distrib.gamma.rand
  - The __cmp__ probem for != is fixed
  - The functions rows and cols now works on vectors.

* The module is a simpler and more robust substitute of the
  matpy console.  It has matlab like interface, such as help, demo, lookfor,
  names (corresponds to matlab command functions).

* Miscellenious issues:
  - Add missing rand methods to discrete distributions
  - Improved or added: Matrix_cr, max, min, gt, ge, lt, le, eq, find, any,
    all. triu, tril.

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