Scientific plotting calls for Python on Mac??

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Mon Sep 4 12:33:15 CEST 2000

Alex Martelli <aleaxit at> wrote:
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:> There seem to be several packages out there for Python
:> scientific/numeric plotting on the Mac, but it is not clear which are
:> simplest to use -- my criteria.  Some seem to require several packages.
:> Although I will pursue trying to sort this out, let me ask:
:> Does anyone know of a simple, "standalone" Python plotting module?

: Isn't that what PIDDLE is for?  With the QuickDraw backend, it
: would seem to be right for your purposes on a Mac.  "This backend
: generates MacOS QuickDraw graphics within a window of the Mac
: Python IDE", says the blurb (can't check -- I have no Mac!), and
: it says that nothing extra besides MacPython is needed with Python
: 1.5.2.

Or graphite which is built on top of piddle which is the low-level
drawing stuff. graphite is the 'scientific plotting' package.

:> Even just, open a window, draw some lines and simple patterns, write a
:> little text, maybe even catch some keystroke events, but that's it.

: No interactivity with PIDDLE+QuickDraw, I think.  If you need to
: do 2 things (plot AND interact) you may have to use 2 packages...

Well, if you need cross-platform (actually multiple backends) drawing
AND graphing you also need 2 packages.

No interactivity, except if you used Tkinter and the Tk canvas backend
to plot to some canvas on a Tk window.


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