Tuple Format?

Carel Fellinger cfelling at iae.nl
Sat Sep 2 21:17:31 CEST 2000

Alex Martelli <aleaxit at yahoo.com> wrote:
> I disagree.  For any N, an N-element tuple is normally
> written with N-1 commas.

> Except for N==0, where N (0) commas are required; and
> N==1, where N (1) commas are required.  So, 0 and 1 are
> both special-cases in this sense.

> An N-element tuple *may* be written with N commas
> (putting an 'extra' one after the last element).  If N is
> 0 or 1, the N-element tuple *must* be written with N
> commas.

So 2-and-up element tuples are the special case, as
a N-tuple has to be written with N commas, but as a
special case 2-and-up element tuples may omit the last one.

How is that for turning things upside down:)
groetjes, carel

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