newbie class troubles

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Sun Sep 17 21:14:53 CEST 2000

Brett Lempereur <a.lempereur[remove this|@|remove this]> wrote:
: If i did have more words to tell you, i would!

Oh, not your words, Python's words would suffice :).

: It's really annoying, because at least when i'm programming in C++ or Vb it
: throws up a pile of errors at you with pointers to the solutions, but not in
: python, oh no.  The only error i got in python was "TypeError: unbound
: method must be called with class instance 1st argument"  seeing as it
: doesn't actually happen when the "" module gets compiled, it must
: be something to do with the references.

Indeed, but just posting (and cut/paste *is* an option here) the input
that generated the error would be much more than "words". For example, 
I have to assume that you got that message from an interactive session, 
because you seem to imply no traceback was given by Python. A lot of
guesswork, you see.

: I didn't write much in the message because I haven't got much to go on
: myself, which is why i asked all you lot

The less you understand, the more info you should give (considering
the title of your post: "newbie class troubles").

: Thanks

Oh, it's nothing at all, really.


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