Windows System Info from Python

Mark Hammond MarkH at
Fri Sep 8 05:10:19 CEST 2000

If you don't need to use COM, then just use the win32pdhutil module
directly.  If you do need to use COM, then make the changes to the COM
object, and send them on back!

There should be no problem using a Python script that uses
win32pdhutil directly from an at job.

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"Sean Leach" <sleach at netlojix.com_nospam> wrote in message
news:yQdt5.25$R3.1949 at
> Hi all,
> Quick question,
> I want to to get the current CPU utilization, Memory percentage etc
> Windows 2000.  I have been using the COM code examples from the
Python site.
> Unfortunately several methods/properties are no longer in the query
> Does anyone have any examples or docs of this type of request?  (I
> want to use the query.addcounterbybrowsing() method, it needs to be
> automated as an AT job)
> Thanks a ton,
> Sean
> news at

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