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Darren New dnew at san.rr.com
Wed Sep 27 19:11:09 CEST 2000

Martijn Faassen wrote:
> I don't think he is. It's just that 3rd person is special again,
> except that 'to have' is an irregular verb:
> I have
> you have
> he has (instead of 'he haves')

I think it depends on how "thee" and "thou" get verbs conjugated for them.
See below.

> Concluding, English grammar is pretty simple, and pretty consistent
> compared to most languages, really. I think one of the few really
> messed up verbs in English is 'to be' (as you'd except with this
> extremely common verb):
> I am
> you are
> he is
> we are
> you are
> they are

Remember, it used to be "thou art".  In which case you get
I am
thou art
he is
we are
you are
they are

I think if it was "thou program" then it's 3rd person that's "wrong", while
if it's "thou programs" it's first person that's "wrong".

But speaking to other non-native speakers (whose first languages were
romance languages, mind), I was suprised to hear that the simplicity of verb
conjugations was one of the appealing aspects of English. I would have
thought it was the gender thing, myself.

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