Does Python 2.0b1 support https on Windows?

Geoff Talvola gtalvola at
Wed Sep 6 17:05:06 CEST 2000

I remember reading that support for OpenSSL and https was added into
socket, urllib and httplib in Python 1.6, but I don't see any mention of
it in the Python 2.0b1 release document.  Does anyone know if it's in
there?  Does it work on Windows NT?  Do I have to compile a special
version of Python to enable this stuff or does the regular Windows
installer include ssl and https support?

M2Crypto gives me this capability with Python 1.5.2 on Windows, but it's
got a couple of known bugs that I have to work around, so I'm hoping
there's something more solid in Python 2.0.


- Geoff Talvola
  Parlance Corporation
  gtalvola at

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