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>Aahz Maruch wrote:
>> Let's put it this way: unless you can come up with a logical split,
>> nobody is going to spend very much time on this.  From my perspective,
>> there are too many different types of topics covered here for a true
>> split to make much sense, and there are already many mailing lists for
>> dealing with narrow issues.
>The only alternative that would make much sense, in my opinion, is the
>addition (not replacement) of a moderated group such as
>comp.lang.python.moderated.  Having c.l.c.moderated and
>c.l.c++.moderated is a great alternative to reading the unmoderated
>equivalents; they're lower volume and have a lot of the off-topic
>nonsense and flamewars trimmed out.

Fine idea.  Who's going to moderate?  Who's going to host the modbot?
Who's going to be responsible for the moderation software?

WARNING: unless you can pull together at least five people willing to
commit their lives, their souls, and their sacred honor, don't bother
moving forward on this.  Seriously.

If that isn't enough to discourage you, consider the horrid situation
where c.l.p.announce went dead for six months.
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