PythonWin problem - info needed

Ian Hobson ian.hobson at
Wed Sep 20 23:40:01 CEST 2000

Hi everyone. 

I was using PythonWin with Python 1.6 and I have two things I don't

1) I was playing with the code that someone posted here a few days ago
to convert a number to spoken form (123 to one hundred and twenty

I had a file and a routine in it called english

I saved and pressed Crtl-I to reload, and got a "succesfully
reloaded" message at the bottom of the screen. Then when I try to run 

english(345) in the interactive window I got an error message about 
not calling a module. i.e. english is a module not a routine. 

So I enter

from english import * 

and then english(234) works again. english is a routine. 

What is happening? 

2) Three times chunks of my source file were moved about and placed in a
new place in the file, but not at my intentional command. 

The first time, it was as if I had selected 25 lines, copied them and
pasted them in somewhere else. I had done nothing of the kind. 

The second it was 10 or so lines that were cut and pasted. The third
time half a line was copied from the beginning of the file and appended
to a line in the middle. 

Is there some editing option with mouse movements that I am triggering,
and how can I turn it off? (I use Flywheel but it has given no trouble
in 2 years use, so I rather doubt it is the trouble).

Thanks for your help

Ian Hobson 

Every time we teach a child something, we prevent him from inventing 
it himself. - Jean Piaget

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