Painfully slow startup

Jay Krell jay.krell at
Wed Sep 13 15:01:44 CEST 2000

No one said if it was paging in winmm or some per process startup it does
(which could also involve cached pageins).
To load winmm you can simply do
    rundll32 winmm,foo
at a command line, though it will put up an error.

The minimal C/C++ program:
    #include "windows.h"
    int main() { LoadLibraryA("winmm"); return 0; }

 - Jay

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>markscottwright at writes:
>> Yep - that's definitely it.  I pulled down the source for 1.5.2,
>> commented out PlaySound and removed winmm.lib from the link directives,
>> recompiled and voila! sub-second startups.  Maybe the fact that this is
>> a laptop means that the sound card has funky power-management issues.
>> Guess I should move to 2.0.
>An alternative workaround option specifically to function with the
>stock 1.5.2 would probably be to code some small stub program that
>just forced loading of winmm.dll.  Once already in memory, it might
>have far less impact on Python load times.
>Your discovery probably also means that the issue of embedding Python
>would really be a one time cost up front to your application and
>unless your master application itself was starting/stopping
>constantly, should not impact you once operational.
>-- David
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