Failed wxpython

pehr anderson pehr at
Fri Sep 29 01:06:28 CEST 2000

Dear Sreekant,

It is very hard to help without useful error messages.
If you get a python error message please post it.

Otherwise, standard debugging practice is to split
your application into smaller and smaller pieces.

Try leaving all your code in place but replacing
the main routine with a simple "Hello World" button example.

I hate to be preaching but debugging doesn't get easier 
unless you can tease out information about what exactly
is going wrong.  One common trick is to isolate the 
faulty line with a binary search.  Disable the second half. 
then cut it in half again, then keep disabling half of the
remaining application until you get to the single line
that causes the bomb.

Keep at it! WX Windows really does work great. We use 
linux-developed apps on windows in our company and
have had good luck with it!  


Sreekant Kodela wrote:
> Hi there
> I nearly finished quite an involved program in python and wxpython. I
> developed it on linux. Then copied it to windows partition and did
> unix2dos before that. Checked all the source files. It fails.
> Then I tried using python shell. Py1.5.2 and Py1.6 both with relevant
> versions of wxPython compiled against them. I tried "from wxPython.wx
> import *" and windows says "This program pythonw.exe has performed an
> illegal operation and will be closed" blah blah.
> It is a dual cel 433 Abit BP6 Windows95. I really need it to run on
> windows as all my users are on windows.
> Anyoone had similar problems!
> Please help
> Thanks
> Sreekant

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