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> vbMark wrote:
> > 1) Can you make a standalone .exe of a Python script?
> Yes. Read the FAQ:
> > 2) Can you implement DirectX with Python using tk or whatever?
> You might find some 3D stuff at
> If I were you, I would use an OpenGL interface. DirectX is
> > 3) Where can I find some GUI programs written in Python?  I would
> > to see how they perform/feel.
> Follow the think above. Most GUIs in Python are done with Tk. There
> other toolkits availible.

The FAQ says to use a program called FREEZE to make the standalone
exe.  However, I can not find this program.  I did a search and it does
not exist on my system.  I am using Python ver 2b1.  Does this version
not come with Freeze?  I have also looked for it to download but could
not find it.

Am I misunderstanding something?


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