Python 2.0b1 is released!

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Sun Sep 10 02:45:53 CEST 2000

Good point.  Who's likely to take issue?  CNRI claims
to believe the license is GPL compatible.  That leaves
the GPL licensed code author.  For what purpose would
it be pursued?  Could commercial python code presumably
be forced open sourced by such an action?  Is that what's
at stake?

Wishing-lawyers-had-to-write-laws-in-python-ly y'rs


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> Tim Peters wrote:
> >
> ...
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> >     than-getting-hassled-by-microsoft's-ly y'rs  - tim
> Yup.  It's fine for Stallman and his organization to
employ and consult
> lawyers.  <<tea leaves are cheaper>>  However, at whatever
moment the
> FSF takes legal action against *anyone* for *any* reason,
> little credibility they have as the software world's
> defenders of "freedom" will vanish for all time.
> go-ahead,-make-my-day-<wink>-ly y'rs,
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