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> Chuckle?
> See: chortle, giggle, guffaw, snigger, snicker, titter, tee-hee, crow,
> laugh.

But ISTM that they're not really 11 ways of saying the _same_ thing.
Comparing with Esperanto, giggle, titter, and tee-hee would probably all
be translated by "subrido", but the others would all be different
expressions (though all based on the root "rid").  For example "guffaw"
would be "ridego" or maybe "ridegacxo".  So thinking that these are
distinct concepts which require separate terms, if not separate roots,
is not just a peculiarity of English-speakers. "Chortle" would be some
sort of "kluko" and "crow" woudl be some kind of "krio" or maybe
"bleko".  The nuances are important; that's why there are so many
English words related to laughter.


Better examples might be wallet/billfold/pocketbook, or hood/bonnet, or

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