OS commands

Andrew Markebo andrew.markebo at telelogic.com
Thu Sep 28 14:57:16 CEST 2000

Sounds like you need fork or threads or so.. Unfortunetaly I have only
seen fork on unix.

Thought 2, "start [some switch] <command>" might do what you want.


p.s. sorry for the multiple post, my server doesn't support
        supercede.. *kicks newsadmin*

/ "Matthew Banham" <matb at photond.com> wrote:
| > Does
| >
| > import os
| > os.system("dir")
| >
| > not do what you wanted?
| No I'm afraid not- os.system cannot spawn remote processes- i.e. it waits
| until the command has finished. If I want to 'boot-up' my server process
| with python being the client then I would have to wait an infinite amount of
| time for the server to finish doing stuff!
| Thanks anyway- if anyone can reply to my other e-mail then that would be
| useful
| Yours Sincerely,
| Matthew Banham

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