Python2.0 beta 2 on MacOSX/Darwin

Johann Hibschman johann at
Sat Sep 30 20:50:18 CEST 2000

Steven D Majewski writes:

> Just uncommenting the "*shared*" in Modules/Setup gives this build error:

> cc  -bundle -prebind  arraymodule.o  -o
> /usr/bin/ld: warning -prebind has no effect with -bundle
> /usr/bin/ld: Undefined symbols:
> _PyArg_Parse
> _PyArg_ParseTuple
> _PyDict_SetItemString
> _PyErr_BadArgument
> _PyErr_Clear
> _PyErr_Format
> _PyErr_NoMemory
> _PyErr_Occurred

Yes, I've been getting this same error.  If anyone has any idea how to
get around this, I'd appreciate any information.  Python's not doing
me much good if I have to statically link all my extensions 


Johann Hibschman                           johann at

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