Wholly unnecessary flame. (was Re: pyXML!)

David root at
Thu Sep 28 21:36:21 CEST 2000

On Thu, 28 Sep 2000 17:13:03 GMT, "Fredrik Lundh" <effbot at telia.com> wrote:

>yet another AC wrote: 
>> (it wasn't about precompiled Pythonlab releases, it wasn't about beta 2...
>> so why do you keep going there?)
>maybe he's just trying to add some signal to this newsgroup?

Like you are, eh?  

You know, the snarky responses from core developers is doing SFA to
facilitate the discussion.  If you feel that the discussion is OT, then
don't respond to it: it'll die quickly enough.
But do note that several people have agreed that there are some deep
problems with the current XML implementation.  Feel free to review the
thread and pick out those messages that have content.
I just spent a good forty-five minutes reading every posting made to the
XML-SIG mailing list during September.  It's become clear to me that the
XML code is highly experimental and is not intended for public consumption.

If someone had, right from the very outset, put that sort of warning on the
SIG homepage, and in the library reference, it would have eliminated a lot
of discontent.

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