Reviewlet of XML Processing With Python by S.McGrath

Mike F Miller mikem at
Tue Sep 19 01:05:05 CEST 2000

Sean Mc Grath wrote:
> XMLV (and XMLN) concentrate on communicating to the
> application, information about the logical structure of an
> XML document. It purposely does not emit information
> about comments.
> I personally do not use XML comments very much owing
> to the fact that they are often not preserved by
> XML APIs (e.g. SAX). When I need comments and
> I need to preserve them through XML processing
> tasks I tend to use a <comment> element.

I agree about putting XML comments in as <comment> elements, but what
I'm trying to do is get comments into my DTDs. When XMLV reads in the
DTD and sees the comments <!-- --> it doesn't seem to like them. It
could be user error, but some of the examples from the book have DTDs
with comments and I've had problems getting them to parse through XMLV
without error as well. I could dig up a specific example if that would
be helpful to the discussion.

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