[Q] FOX-Binding for Python ?

Lyle Johnson ljohnson at resgen.com
Wed Sep 27 17:00:20 CEST 2000


The binary distribution of FXPy-0.99.128 is for Python 1.5.2. I do not have
binaries for Python 1.6 or Python 2.0b1 yet, although you can compile those
against the sources yourself if you have Visual C++. I plan to make binaries
for the other Pythons available for the next release of FXPy.


P.S. You (and others) can always send inquiries about FXPy directly to me if
you like, at the e-mail address listed on the FXPy home page.

"Markus Meng" <meng.engineering at bluewin.ch> wrote in message
news:8qsbs1$7hr$1 at bw107zhb.bluewin.ch...
> Hi all,
> I just wanted to 'play' a little with the FOX Binding that
> comes as a binary installation for Windows:
> FXPy-0.99.128-win32.exe
> However I've installed version 1.6 of python, and I'am
> having difficulties in running the demo test suite. Just loading
> the FOX module itself, doesn't work. Is the FOX-library mentioned
> above compiled against an earlier version of python, and if so
> do I need to recompile the GUI lib in order to get a running version
> for version 1.6 of python?
> My setup:
> c:\programme\python16
> c:\programme\python16\FXPy
> Any help, or info would be appreciated. Thank's
> markus

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