wxPython together with Python 2.0b1

Greg Landrum glandrum at my-deja.com
Mon Sep 18 15:45:08 CEST 2000

In article <39c60f98.513560290 at news.mch.sni.de>,
  nikolai.kirsebom at siemens.no (Nikolai Kirsebom) wrote:
> Is there any known problems in running wxPython (2.2) on the latest
> version of python (2.0b1).
> I've installed:
> Python 2.0b1
> win32all-134
> wxPython 2.2
> and when I try to run the wxPython demo I receive error message from
> Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library.  Message is:
> Runtime Error!
> Program D:\Python\pythonw.exe
> abnormal program termination
> Do I have to build this (pythonw.exe) separately ?

I'm not clear on whether or not you are using your own builds or
binaries, but if you haven't pulled down this wxPython build:
You may want to give that a try.  This is Robin Dunn's build of
wxPython 2.2.1 for python 2.0b.


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