Please explain why python rocks...

JTC Murphy jm at
Thu Sep 7 10:13:40 CEST 2000

VB continues for two reasons:

1) Because, like it or not, it is an effective tool for windows

2) Because it has Microsoft written on the outside of the box - and
hence, rightly or wrongly,  managers have some confidence that neither
the language nor support for it will disappear from the face of the
earth (which was the percieved problem with Delphi for a while).

Have fun, Murph (who'd much rather use something other than VB to earn
a living but...)

>>> nemir <nemir.remove at> 07/09/00 04:01:57 >>>

Partly because I personally believe that the only reason VB still
exists is 
that it is a personal agenda off Bill Gates' to force the community to

continue using the product which gave him his first break in the

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