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Tue Sep 12 17:55:40 CEST 2000

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> > Is python typically very slow when starting up?  When I compare a
> > simple 'hello world' application against perl, python is 2 orders of
> > magnitude slower on startup.

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> In 1.5.2, Python also pulls in winmm.dll, which I believe others have
> posted as being a particularly slow loader in some environments.
> ...

Yep - that's definitely it.  I pulled down the source for 1.5.2,
commented out PlaySound and removed winmm.lib from the link directives,
recompiled and voila! sub-second startups.  Maybe the fact that this is
a laptop means that the sound card has funky power-management issues.
Guess I should move to 2.0.

Thanks for your help!


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