ICQ messages in Python

Ulf Engstrom ulf.engstrom at b2b-link.com
Mon Sep 4 16:15:12 CEST 2000

This might be true, and just tell me if you all agree. But I've seen and
heard a few people trying to do different things with the icq-protocol, both
in Python and in other languages, but they have a hard time getting into any
of the projects around because it's not their language (I've found
implementations in C/C++,Perl and Delphi) and/or because the projects most
often are huge with too little documentation and too little freedom.
Having all this in Python would at least make it easier for Python-people to
use it, and I believe Python to be the better language (of course;)
And of course we're taking parts from a lot of what's out there already not
to have to type everything, but we want to have it a proper Python-program,
not a translated C-program or something like that.
But that's just me and my friends opinon, if noone's interested, so be it.
We are ;)

>    I think the best method would be to not to reinvent the wheel, but to
> use some existing ICQ library and wrap it for using in python.

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