No Python 2.0 (was Re: idiom for initial list of lists)

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Sat Sep 9 18:25:47 CEST 2000

[BTW, please attribute your quotes so people know who you're responding to]

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Alex  <cut_me_out at> wrote:
> attribution for Aahz restored:
>> I'm calling once again for everyone to please refrain from giving
>> Python 2.0 answers to questions unless the questioner specifically
>> mentions Python 2.0.  IMO, it unnecessarily complicates things,
>> because most people asking questions need to use a shipping version of
>> Python.
>As long as you explicitly state that what your saying relates to 2.0, I
>don't see where the problem is.

It smacks too much of hyping to me: "But if you wait just a little bit
longer for Python 2.0, look at these *great* *new* features you get."
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