Python 1.6 The balanced language

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Fri Sep 1 23:38:18 CEST 2000

"Suchandra Thapa" <ssthapa at> wrote in message
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>     Incidentally, what do you mean by dynamic dispatch?  ML and its
> dialect OCaml are statically typed and the compiler chooses which function
> to call at compile time.  Would you consider OCaml to be OO then?  And

See for an
introduction to the object-oriented features of O'Caml.  While the
static typing still holds, the behaviour over class methods is
polymorphic -- much as in Eiffel, C++, Sather, Java, and other
compile-time-typed OO languages, what version of a method is
actually called depends on the runtime type of the object instance
being used.  Thus, dynamic dispatch, aka runtime dispatch.


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