A very, very newbie question :)

jurgen.defurne at philips.com jurgen.defurne at philips.com
Fri Sep 8 14:39:40 CEST 2000

> The problem
> with Emacs from my POV is that I can't stand the basic editing commands,

The commands are okay.  I can't stand the default keystrokes.

That is why I have tried to use Emacs, but found out that I was
quicker with (el)vi(s)(m).

Also, "four or five lines of .exrc" would not suffice
to customise vim to my preferences.  For one thing,
I want the cursor keys to work in a normal fashion
(So, home goes to beginning of line, Ctrl-home goes
to beginning of document, et cetera, like 99% of all
applications I've ever used; this stuff is hardwired
into my brain (nay, into my fingers).)  There will
NOT be any nonsense about using Ctrl-f (Emacs) or
h (or whatever it was in vim) to move the cursor
right.  That's what the right arrow is for.  And
until all that works as expected the editor isn't
usable even for editing its own configuration file;
I'd be more comfortable using the COPY command.

I have Vim installed (actually, compiled under Cygwin) and
it has all the standard cursor keybindings right out of the
box. Of course, learning some basic commands takes a little
bit more time.

> i : insert mode
> o : new line, and insert mode
> x : delete a character
> A : append to end of line
> C : change from cursor to end of line
> D : delete from cursor to end of line
> / : search a regexp
> :wq: write and quit


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