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> I have no experience in programming.  I'm looking to learn python.
> Can anyone recommend some good books for a beginner?


first of all, congratulations for deciding on using Python
as your first language.  as others have mentioned on this
list over the years, the syntax of Python is definitely one
of the easiest to pick up.

however, while there are a good set of Python books now on
the market, none really focus on an audience completely new
to programming.

there are several well-known excellent documents pertaining to
learning how to program with Python.  these are all available
from the Python edu-sig website:

Instant Hacking: Learning to Program with Python

Learning to Program (A. Gauld)

Non-Programmers Tutorial (J. Cogliati)

How to Think Like a Computer Scientist (Python version)
(there is also a Java version available elsewhere)

good luck and hope this helps!


* "Core Python Programming", Prentice Hall PTR, TBP Fall 2000

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