newbie class troubles

Alex cut_me_out at
Sun Sep 17 22:59:55 CEST 2000

>> I wasn't actually given a line number!!  The python interpreter
>> literally just threw the error right at me, without a point of
>> reference, which is why it is so difficult to actually track down the
>> error
> I find that hard to believe.  Unless you're manually doing some
> strange exception handling (in which case you're responsible for the
> problem), the default behavior of Python when an uncaught exception is
> raised is to display the file and line number, as well as the line the
> error occurs on (including a full stack trace), followed by the error.

Not necessarily -- he was probably experimenting with the class in the
interpreter.  But in that case he could have given us the interpreter
command that returned the error.  Of course, since we all figured out
what his problem was anyway, it didn't really matter in this case.


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