JPython install question

Huaiyu Zhu hzhu at
Thu Sep 7 03:08:09 CEST 2000

On Thu, 07 Sep 2000 00:39:52 GMT, Huaiyu Zhu <hzhu at> wrote:

>Went back to /usr/local/lib/java/JPython-1.1/org/python/core/, and found 68
>.java files sitting there, without .class files.   I tried to compile a few of
>them but got errors.  Should there be .class files shipped with JPython?
>Or maybe I'm doing something silly.

OK, found out that 'javac' would compile most of them.  (The
previous errors were also caused by user permission, etc.) 

There are still some warnings, though, but the program runs:
During compiling

# javac org/python/core/ 
Note: 5 files use or override a deprecated API.  Recompile with
"-deprecation" for details.
1 warning

When using

$ java hello
'import exceptions' failed; using string-based exceptions

Are these expected or did I get an older jpython?


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