Python in game development?

Jan Ekholm chakie at
Fri Sep 22 07:38:40 CEST 2000

On Thu, 21 Sep 2000, pehr anderson wrote:

Hi Pehr,

>I think it would be great to set up a python gaming library 
>on sourceforge with routines expected to be common accross 
>many game-type applications.

I use the nice package PySDL for doing the lowlevel stuff, and it works
just fine. SDL in itself is quite amazing, and PySDL makes the library
really easy to handle from within Python. I think extending/contributing
to PySDL is so far the way to go, as we there have a stable C basis
which really works (SDL) to rely on.

Anyone doing strategic games with Python? I work on a American Civil War
based game, a little like the old SSI games. Development is really fast in
Python, and the speed seems to be enough. The source can be downloaded
from SourceForge if someone is interested (project name: Civil).

	Rgds, Chakie

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